Dienstag, März 20

Dear Tulip,

Donnerstag, März 15

Let's go on a walk with me


On a sunny February day I decided to pick up my Zenit again that was sleeping on my shelf for
too long. 

   Look what I found! The first snowdrops. Somehow I can identify myself with them sometimes.
They often look sad even if they are the first signs of our beloved spring.

Sometimes I find little houses or places that are not far away from
the paths I usually go to. This beautiful house made me wish to own it.
To sit there on the wooden bench with a cup of tea, enjoying the view over the meadow.

How bushes shape little tunnels sometimes.

When I saw the first hidden winter aconites growing under
a blanket of twigs.

Do you see the sea horse swimming in dry grass?

This little one was the loveliest.

Some time later the sun was about to go down. I saw it's golden shine trough the branches and
paths. Enlightening my way home. 

Montag, März 12

hiding / fading

muse: ricarda

Mittwoch, März 7

Part of You

Let's go back to this January walk that felt like spring is around the corner 
while I'm looking at roofs and trees full of snow and 
drink one herbal tea after another.
Stay warm. :)